First DIGMAP Workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to present the achievements of the first year of the project and promote synergies with other related projects and entities. The presentations will be provided by invited speakers, but the participation will be free to all the interested (prior registration is required)

DIGMAP is proposing to develop solutions for georeferenced digital libraries, especially focused on historical maps and in the promoting of our cultural scientific heritage. The final results of the project will consist in a set of service available in the Internet, and in open-source software solutions that will be able to be reused in other services. Ultimately, DIGMAP will pursue the purpose to become the main international information source and reference service for old maps and related bibliography. In the end, the results might became an effective service integrated with the already effective framework of TEL - The European Library, and a reference for the EDL - European Digital Library. In this sense the project is fully aligned with the vision “European Digital Library” as expressed in the “i2010 digital libraries” initiative of the European Commission.

Discovering our Past World with Digitised Maps

Project co-funded by the Community programme eContentplus